Why is Maintenance Important

It is very important that you have your Sprinter van regularly maintained by a qualified technician. You should always have a maintenance schedule in place to ensure your Sprinter va is at its peak performance and durability.

It is important to get the very best fuel economy out of your Sprinter van whether it be your personal every day driver or a fleet vehicle that you put a few thousand miles per week on. Good fuel economy can save you thousands of dollars in a years time just by simply setting a maintenance plan and following it. If you find yourself strapped for time then let the professionals do it for you. With our maintenance software, we can simply track your next service and schedule you in advance.

Information about fuel injector service

Average front shock strut replacement cost
This average is for a price which can range from as low as $225 up to around $387.00

General Steps - feul injector replacement

  1. Clean out the bore as best you can to keep stuff from falling down into the seat area during installation.

  2. Clean and inspect the seal seat. (Spritz some WD-40 with the seat cutter if needed.)

  3. Vacuum and blow out all the junk. Stuff some tinfoil in the well to keep stuff from falling in.

  4. Leave all the injector plastic protector covers in place.

  5. Coat the fuel injector body with the Never-Seize supplied. Do not coat down near the nozzle.

  6. Remove the nozzle cover.

  7. Carefully install the copper seal. The seal bound tightly onto the injectors as it got near the seal face.

  8. Give the piston one last blow out.

  9. Insert the injector into the bore being very careful to not touch the nozzle tip to anything.

  10. Once it was down in place,  moved the injector body back and forth a bit to make certain it felt solid.

  11. Install the hold down claw.

  12. Line up the hold down bolt hole and give that one last air blast.

  13. Insert the hold down bolt and get it snug. Torque it to spec later.

  14. Connect the HP line.

These instructions are for informational purposes only, they are a general guide and may not reflect the actual process of fuel injector replacement needed for your specific vehicle. Theses instructions should not replace the expertise a mechanic can provide.